Using db:structure dump and load instead of db:schema

Today I faced the following problem: I had a migration creating a index in SQL, like this:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX some_table_single_row ON some_table((1))

which will make this table unique in the database.

Problem is, Rails won’t import this INDEX to db/schema.rb and, because of it, my test database didn’t created it and I had a failing test.


Rails comes with a rake task called db:structure which will do pretty much what db:schema does but using the specific database tool for it, in this case pg_dump.

So, I created structure dump from dev database:

[$] rake db:structure:dump

which creates a db/structure.sql file, dropped my test database and re-created it from this new dump:

[$] RAILS_ENV=test rake:structure:load

Et voilà, tests were passing.